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About Us

Welcome to Sparky’s Garage, the heart and soul of Harley Davidson performance, founded and operated by Sparky himself. With a lifelong passion for these iconic machines, Sparky has dedicated his career to not just maintaining, but enhancing the spirit of every bike that rolls into his shop. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure that each service, repair, and upgrade not only meets but exceeds expectations. Sparky’s love for Harley performance shines through in every project, big or small, making Sparky’s Garage the trusted home for Harley enthusiasts who demand the very best for their rides.

Our Vision

At Sparky’s Garage, our vision is to redefine the standard of motorcycle service and performance, creating an unparalleled experience for Harley Davidson enthusiasts worldwide. We aim to foster a community where passion for excellence, innovation in performance, and unwavering dedication to craftsmanship converge. Our journey is one of continuous growth and learning, driven by the desire to push the boundaries of what is possible on two wheels. By investing in cutting-edge technology, nurturing talent, and adhering to our core values of integrity and customer satisfaction, we aspire to become the beacon of excellence in the motorcycle industry. Join us as we embark on this thrilling ride, shaping the future of motorcycling together.


Step into the world of Sparky’s Garage through our captivating gallery, where each image tells a story of passion, precision, and the pursuit of peak performance. From the meticulous craftsmanship in our workshop to the open road where our work truly comes to life, this collection showcases the essence of what we do. You’ll get an insider’s view of the detailed service processes, custom performance upgrades, and the transformation of Harley Davidsons into bespoke masterpieces. Each photo captures the spirit of dedication and love for motorcycles that defines Sparky’s Garage. Dive into our visual journey and feel the roar of innovation and tradition merging under one roof.

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